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The Best Travel Pillow in the World

Cabeau Travel Evolution Pillow

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The Polar FT7 Training Computer

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Waterpic Travel Water Flosser

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The Shocking Truth About Your Smartphone’s GPS


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Review: Nikon D7000 For Baby Boomer Travel Video

Nikon D7000 – As I sit here mulling over what to say about the Nikon D7000’s capabilities for travel video, the first thought that comes racing to my mind is to remember who I am talking to. Our audience is primarily baby boomer travelers who want to know if the Nikon D7000 might be a […]

Panasonic Lumix Underwater Camera Died in 1 Foot of Water


A while back, I wrote a post sharing of my excitement as a new owner of a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS1 water-proof camera. Why, I even took some fun, underwater vacation photographs/videos with the thing. Here’s the rub (you can all start whining now), only a week after I took this fun picture of Carol snorkeling […]

Go Caddy: Compact Water Bottle Holder & Day Bag


A common malady when traveling is dehydration.  A common frustration when traveling is finding a compact bag to carry only the necessities of the day. It seems that the creators of The Go Caddy may have touched upon a pretty cool solution. Look at the Go Caddy’s features: Holds a variety of bottle sizes up […] Providing TSA Approved Personal Care Products

Our luggage got lost for two days when we made our 25th Wedding Anniversary Caribbean Resort Tour somewhere between St. Thomas and St. John. Unfortunately for Carol, all of her facial products were in containers larger than 3 fl. oz. and packed away in our checked luggage.  That meant that she didn’t have her special […]