Flagstaff’s Sled Dog Races, Lost in Northern Arizona, and a Bedeviled GPS

Have you ever given a solemn utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm on an inanimate object?  In other words, have you ever cursed out a GPS?

In the last leg of our recent trip to Flagstaff,  I am ashamed to admit,  I displayed a momentary intensity that perhaps bordered on madness, as our GPS had us abandoned on a muddy, end of the road, this is where the snowplows fear to tread kind of place.

You know you have gone to far when your wife, who comes from a long line of Roman Catholics, is looking for some holy water, a cross, or perhaps even a silver dagger to slay your momentary burst of frustration.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not a violent guy, but…I sure was frustrated with my GPS.

When we found ourselves, out in the middle of nowhere, I just knew that we blew our chances to shoot the Arizona Mountain Mushers 2010 Mormon Lakes Sled Dog Races.

Undeterred by our certain tardiness, we turned around and found our path to the races just as the very last, and I mean the very last dog sled came across the finish line.

I snapped this photograph, and we literally turned around and left as the dog sled races were now over.

Therefore, I guess this story isn’t so much about sled dog races, as it was a lesson for us on perhaps better planning, and reminding ourselves that when traveling, we should always expect the unexpected.

If I have any satisfaction from this particular story, it was delivered in my determination to get at least one photograph from this sled dog race.

For that I am grateful.

Oh, I also had to promise my wife to chill out the next time unexpected circumstances cross the path of this A-Type, perfectionist personality.

4 Responses to “Flagstaff’s Sled Dog Races, Lost in Northern Arizona, and a Bedeviled GPS”
  1. davelines says:

    Not really sure why anyone would actually trust a machine to tell them where to go. I guess if you are in a new town and have no idea where you are it might be good,, but If you have a certain place to go,, have your wife ask for directions. (sorry but just couldn't resist) LOL, Glad you did get at least one pic though.

  2. Oh no you di'int. No paper map,?no Google map? no Mapquest? This would never happen to ME-eeee. (yet.)
    I'm like Davelines, I'd like to know your thinking.
    PS: your wife didn't tell me to comment.

  3. David Porter says:

    Actually, our GPS has been a wonderful peacekeeper while we travel. However, we recently bought a new vehicle, and well, the GPS is not up to par with our hand-held Garmin GPS. We left the Garmin home thinking we would simply use the built-in GPS in our vehicle. I won't do that again.

    Also, from now on,we will also come prepared with back-up Google maps. Live and learn!

  4. AHa! thanks for explaining. Yes, the built-in GPS seems to be far less reliable than after-market.
    Thanks and happy travels. I am so damn jealous of this blog and your activities I could spit.

    But I will try to be nice. Smile

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