Currency Conversion App for World Travelers

When international travel comes into play, currency conversion is an important matter to understand.

We are about to make a trip across the pond to London, England, and I decided that I wanted to assign this task to my iPhone.

In looking for a currency conversion application, I had a few things in mind:

  1. It needs to be easy to use.
  2. It needed to support a large variety of currencies.
  3. It needed to be able to update and keep pace with the ever changing currency markets.
  4. If I’m out of touch with WiFi, which is highly likely with international travel, I need my app to keep that last known price.  If my wife is buying a pair of shoes in Harrods, I want to know how much they are going to set me back.

Rather than figure this all out by myself, I decided to turn to Yahoo’s appolicious, and see what Jessica Daily had to say.  As of this writing, she has reviewed over 866 apps, and written 1,051 reviews.

She recommended, and I downloaded,  a free app called Currency for iPhone (also available for Android).

Currently, the app supports 164 of the world’s currencies and is very easy to use.  The free app has advertising at the very bottom of the screen.  However, if the advertising bothers you, you can upgrade to Currency Pro ($4.99) and be rid of all advertising.

Now, if my wife happens to find a pair of  £200.00 shoes that she can’t live without, I will instantly know that they will set me back $318.22.


It’s a very nice app.  We recommend it.

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2 Responses to “Currency Conversion App for World Travelers”
  1. +1 for this app! We’ve used it around the world and it works great. They also just released an update that added in all missing currencies. A great find.

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