Carol Imprisoned in Alcatraz – Photo Travel Journal – Day #4 San Francisco, California

Getting Carol to behave herself is a full-time job for me.  Carol was caught jaywalking as she was running across a San Francisco street and wound up pulling a stint in Alcatraz.

Says Carol, “I was only trying to help the California economy by making a purchase in a Chinatown discount store.  It certainly doesn’t merit being locked up in Alcatraz!”

All attempts at light humor aside, we visited Alcatraz yesterday and look forward to sharing the story of our visit and a few more of the photographs.

We also spent a few hours getting a behind the scenes tour of the sourdough breadmaker Boudin Bakery.  This company was the first sourdough baker (Est. 1849), and their “mother dough” is a priceless national treasure.

I will be sharing a video of Carol wrinkling her nose as she gets to actually smell the 160 year old mother dough.

Last, but certainly not least, we will be sharing our experience of eating in the most romantic, and delightful Italian eatery in San Francisco’s Knob Hill.  Unbelievable Italian cuisine.

Stay tuned!

2 Responses to “Carol Imprisoned in Alcatraz – Photo Travel Journal – Day #4 San Francisco, California”
  1. Sally Boone says:

    I am wondering where you dined…the delightful Italian eater in Knob Hill?? I can’t seem to find your posting on that restaurant. We’re planning our Jan. long weekend in San Fran.

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