Travel Apps: Taxi Fare Finder

Taxi Fare Finder – When planning a trip to a fairly large metropolitan area, one of the travel planning decisions that needs to be made is your mode of transportation.

Will you use taxis, a rental car, public transportation, walk, or possibly a combination of all?

This decision becomes even more complicated as you consider traffic congestion, cost, convenience, speed to your desired destination, the ability to explore, parking costs, parking availability, safety, and much more.

In our view, when traveling to a very large city, like New York City, taxis and public transportation are generally the preferred method.  I can’t imagine trying to get around in a rental car for a stay in New York City.

However, the situation is different in planning our upcoming visit to Miami Beach.  Traffic congestion is not so extreme that the freedom of a rental car is not out of the question.

As we were considering the cost of the taxi verses a rental car, we turned to Taxi Fare Finder to help us approximate the cost of using taxis for our trip.  At this website, we learned that a round trip taxi ride to our hotel (Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa) is likely to cost us around $90.

As we are planning to make a day trip to Biscayne National Park, we may likely opt for the rental car.  However, this means that the rental car is likely to be unused and collecting parking charges until our day trip.

As of this writing, we haven’t made the decision yet, but we found Taxi Fare Finder to be a useful tool in our decision making process.

Give it a try!

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