The Bubble Gum Wall in Seattle, Washington

Seattle Bubble Gum Wall – When traveling in Seattle, Washington, one of the tourist attractions we never dreamed of seeing was a brick building absolutely covered in wads of bubble gum.

Evidently, theater patrons, while waiting in line to gain admittance, would stick a wad of bubble gum on these brick walls and stick a coin in the gum.

In an effort to clean up the mess, theater workers twice scrapped the gum off of the wall.  However, nightly patrons would again plaster the wall with bubble gum until eventually it was determined in 1999 that the bubble gum wall was actually becoming a tourist attraction.

Parts of the wall seem to be as much as several inches thick with bubble gum, and the gum stretches about 15 feet high, and perhaps as long as 50 feet.

Why all the fuss?  Well…you’ve got to admit…it’s rather unique.  Although, as you can see by Carol’s expression, she thought it was rather “ucky”.

To find Seattle’s bubble gum wall, head to the Pike Place Market and look for Post Alley underneath the market.

Just so you know, we didn’t contribute to the wall.  We didn’t happen to be chewing a big wad of Bazooka Joe.  Smile

2 Responses to “The Bubble Gum Wall in Seattle, Washington”
  1. I always wondered how this started. I had the same reaction as Carol! lol Right across from this wall is a place called the Alibi Room. They have amazing pizzas there. Next time you’re in town, I recommend you try it. The Mediterranean pie was the best I’ve ever had. Friendly people there too. 

  2. Northanna_2001 says:

    Eeeeeuuuu.  Yuck.  Gross.

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