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A Visit to the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show

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We made our first visit to the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show last year, and we had no idea how beautiful these Arabian horses were. As we were watching this year’s show, the announcer was instructing us that the Arabian horse is known for it distinctive head shape (it looks like a sea horse to me), its long flowing, high tail carriage, their high spirit, and their marble-hard bone structure.

A Visit to The Phoenix Symphony

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When this first piece finished, I was left with a stunning example of the professionalism, and the certain skill of these musicians. I was very impressed with the clarity, and oneness of sound during some of the lighting fast arpeggios displayed in the string section. A lesser orchestra would have made certain mud of these sections. Bravo!

Watching Senior Bull Riders in the Cowboy Town of Wickenburg, Arizona

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We decided, having never been to a rodeo, that a rodeo might be a lot of fun. When we arrived, we were amazed to see these 40, 50, and even 60 year old men willingly riding bucking broncos, and most amazingly, torturing themselves on the back of a raging bull!

A Day Trip to Tubac, Arizona

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Tubac, Arizona makes for a wonderful day trip from Phoenix, Arizona. Tubac is 45 minutes south of Tucson, sits on a beautiful valley floor that peers onto 10,000…

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