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Visiting the Arizona Renaissance Festival

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Arizona Renaissance Festival – We have never been to a Renaissance Festival, and therefore had no idea what to expect.  Several of our friends inquired as to whether…

Bryan’s Black Mountain Barbecue in Cave Creek, Arizona

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Cave Creek, Arizona is a cowboy town.  Cowboys like their barbecue, and Chef Bryan Duley (pictured with Carol) serves up some foot-stompin’, gun shootin’ good barbecue! It was…

A Visit to the Phoenix Art Museum

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The Phoenix Art Museum is a wonderful place to spend the day, and in our view, one of the top ten attractions in the Greater Phoenix Area. The…

A Visit to the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show

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We made our first visit to the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show last year, and we had no idea how beautiful these Arabian horses were. As we were watching this year’s show, the announcer was instructing us that the Arabian horse is known for it distinctive head shape (it looks like a sea horse to me), its long flowing, high tail carriage, their high spirit, and their marble-hard bone structure.

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