Why we Buy Medical Health Insurance for International Travel

A Kidney Stone X-Ray

For international baby boomer travelers, nothing could be worse than suffering a medical condition overseas that would require emergency medical treatment.

I can speak first hand on this topic as I suffered an acute kidney stone attack while on a recent trip to London.  Let me assure you, finding emergency medical attention in a foreign country was NOT on our list of things to do!

Thankfully, we were in an English speaking country, and there was a university teaching hospital a few miles away that happened to have a kidney stone clinic.  Furthermore, the British have socialized medicine that fully covers emergency medical care for international travelers.

We were very lucky!

But, what if we weren’t traveling in a country that provided all these benefits for me?

  • Imagine not being able to speak the language of your doctor.
  • Imagine not having expert medical care anywhere near your tropical hideaway.
  • Imagine having to shell out tens of thousands of dollars because your current medical insurance will not cover you during overseas travel.
  • Imagine, God forbid, that you die overseas.  What then?
Never travel outside of the U.S. without a health insurance policy.  It’s only $32/person!

Listen folks, your medical insurance will not cover you while traveling overseas, and you really must give these things serious consideration.  Trust me.  I know from personal experience.  We now never travel outside of the United States without medical health insurance.  Period.

Medical health insurance for international travelers is very inexpensive.  Just this morning, I bought a policy covering Carol and I, for an upcoming trip, for only $32/person!

Here’s the benefits we receive from our Global Health Insurance Policy:

  • Coverage is for a specified period of time for a specific trip
  • Emergency Evacuation/Repatriation up to $100,000.
  • Emergency Dental up to $750.
  • Emergency Medical up to $100,000.

We get way more than $64 of comfort knowing that we have these coverages.  Furthermore, if a medical problems does arise, we pick up the phone and our insurance company can lead us through the medical process regardless of what country we are in.

Moral of the story:  Never, ever travel overseas without an international traveler’s health insurance policy.

Have you ever needed medical attention while traveling outside of the United States?

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6 Responses to “Why we Buy Medical Health Insurance for International Travel”
  1. Please can you be more specific about the name and details of your plan? I went to Global Health Insurance and could not find the $32/person plan. Thanks!

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