Media Kit

Click here to download our media kit

Click here to download our media kit

The Roaming Boomers is a luxury travel site with an eye towards experience, adventure, learning, and exploration.

Our audience looks like this:

  • 25,000+ Monthly pageviews (July 2013) via Google Analytics.
  • 13,000+  Unique visitors (July 2013) via Google Analytics.
  • 10,000+  Facebook Reach – July 2013
  • 31,000+ Subscribers and followers
  • Nearly 4,000 in our various email newsletters
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How we market The Roaming Boomers

  • Building relationships, posting articles, and documenting our trips on Twitter.
  • Posting photographs, videos, and building relationships on our Facebook page.
  • Posting photographs, articles, and building relationships on Google+
  • Posting selected travel photographs on our Flickr site.
  • We have a new and growing presence in Pinterest.
  • Allowing users to subscribe to the site via RSS or email.
  • Partnering with destinations, travel brands, and more to review products and experiences.
  • Posting video to our YouTube channel.
  • We reach many thousands monthly with our Email Newsletters.
  • We host group travel events around Arizona, and the world.
  • Featured contributors with Arizona Republic’s Southwest Travel & Beyond (Arizona Republic, AZ Central, Gannett)