Day #5 of Romantic Bliss at St. Lucia’s Incomparable Jade Mountain Resort

Jade Mountain Resort, St. Lucia – it is day #13 of our romantic 25th wedding anniversary tour of the Caribbean, and day #5 of our stay at the Jade Mountain Resort.

Today, St. Lucia’s famous Pitons delivered up a day predominantly showcasing that this is indeed the rainy season.  Not the least bit disheartened, I strapped on my “inner Monet” and created this little number taken from our sanctuary overlooking these iconic landmarks.

If the weather is going to confine a traveler to their room, I can’t think of a better place for that to happen than in one of Jade Mountain’s sanctuaries.

We enjoyed listening to, and watching the gentle rains water the earth.  We enjoyed our in-sanctuary infinity pool, read books, talked about our future, enjoyed the eager service of our major-domos, enjoyed the various St. Lucian birds that happened by our way, and generally drank in a day of complete relaxation.

As evening approached, the clouds broke and provided us with this remarkable display.

When you stay at Jade Mountain, you have a wide range of dining alternatives.  Just look at what is available:

  • First of all, the Jade Mountain Club features tropical cuisine created by the James Beard award winner, Chef Allan Susser.
  • Jade Mountain is very adept at creating private candlelit diners in secluded spots all over their stunningly beautiful property.
  • When you are lodging in one of the world’s most scenic sanctuaries, a glorious option is to have your major-domo serve you a three course meal right on your patio overlooking St. Lucia’s arresting Pitons.
  • Additionally, a short jaunt down the mountain to Jade Mountain’s sister resort, Anse Chastanet, will give you these options:
    • The Treehouse Restaurant for fine Caribbean dining.
    • Emeralds – vegetarian cuisine featuring organic produce grown right on the resort’s own farm.
    • Trou Au Diable Beach Restaurant – Caribbean and Creole cuisine served right on the Anse Chastanet beach.
    • Apsara – in the evenings, the Trou Au Diable Restaurant transforms into a romantic setting where you can enjoy a fusion of East Indian and Caribbean cuisine.

For this evening, we chose to enjoy the Jade Mountain Club pictured below.  (photo courtesy of Jade Mountain)

For our appetizers, Carol enjoyed the most incredible Smoke Gouda-Beef Ravioli (Tomatoes, Scallion, Basil Cream Sauce), while I experienced near gastronomical bliss with Smoked Duck Breast and Seared Foie Gras (Pineapple Carpaccio, Sour Orange Vanilla Coulis).  Wow!

Carol then moved to her salad with Anse Mamin Hearts of Palm and Romaine Caesar (Garlic Croutons, Parmesan Frico, Chive Dressing), while I enjoyed “Crispy” Goats Cheese Salad (Cherry Tomatoes, Grilled Onion, Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette).  Both were outstanding, but we both agreed that this was the best goat cheese salad ever!

For our Entrees, Carol cooed over Sweat Pea and Cashew Nut Risotto (Artichoke Bottom, Callaloo, Sun Dried Tomato), while I enjoyed Island Spiced Filet of Mahi Mahi (Braised Lentil and Plantain “Samba”, Green Tomato Slaw, Lavender Basil Tea).  The hot Lavender Basil Tea was poured over my fish at table-side.

This truly was a night of gastronomical delight in one of the most romantic settings ever.  To top it all off, just as we were leaving the Jade Mountain Club, in walked a gal with a soprano saxophone.  Therefore, we sat down and enjoyed a wonderful performance of smooth and sultry jazz.

What an evening!

It was now time to head back to our room to once again enjoy the Milky Way from the vantage point of our in-sanctuary infinity pool.

Oh, before I go, I thought you might enjoy this photograph of the Jade Mountain Sanctuaries at night.  The various colors you see are from each rooms Chromotherapy lights in their individual infinity pools. (photo courtesy of Jade Mountain)

Stunning, isn’t it?

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