Itinerary: Flagstaff’s 24th Annual Winterfest

This weekend we have planned the maiden journey for The Roaming Boomers travel and adventure website.

We live in North Scottsdale with an altitude of roughly 2,100 ft, and enjoy winter weather that is typically sunny, and produces highs of 70º each day.  Flagstaff, on the other hand, sits at roughly 7,000 ft, and is currently blanketed with snow from a week of massive snow storms.

As Michigan natives we are very familiar with snow, but we have never experienced snow in Arizona.  When we noticed that Flagstaff was having its 24th Annual Winterfest, we thought this might be a fun little excursion to try out our travel planning systems.

Here is our planned itinerary:

While I have been busily working on this post, Carol has been running around the house looking for winter coats, boots, hats, gloves, etc.

We are looking forward to this little repose, and greatly look forward to bringing back a wealth of exciting stories and memories.

Stay tuned!

Note:  Creative Commons photograph from Al_HikesAZ on Flickr.

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