Never Miss an Update From Your Favorite Facebook Fan Pages

We recently received a note from one of the 15,000 fans of our Facebook page lamenting the fact that she was seemingly not getting our Facebook page updates anymore.

Evidently, the folks over at Facebook have again tweaked their algorithms so that less than 16% of a Facebook page update actually becomes visible to fans of the page.

As you can imagine, the business world is not happy with this.  You see, we make quite an investment of time and money to build our Facebook fan page audiences, and to have only a small fraction able to interact with our posts is a very troubling thing.

How to Never Again Miss a Post From Your Favorite Facebook Fan Page

Step #1:

Go to the home page of your favorite Facebook Page.  Once there, you will notice that the page has the “Liked” box checked indicating that you have chosen to be a fan of this particular Facebook Fan Page.

Step #2:

Hover your mouse over the “Liked” button and you will see a drop-down box appear.  Click the “Get Notifications” line (validated by a check mark) and you will forever more get each and every one of your favorite Facebook Fan Page updates.  If you ever want to again reduce the amount of updates that you see from a particular Facebook Fan Page, simply come back and un-check the “Get Notifications” box.  It that simple!


We trust that you found this article valuable.  If we may be so bold, please go check the “Get Notifications” box on our Facebook Fan Page so that you will never miss any of our beautiful travel photographs, informative articles, travel deals and sweepstakes!


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