Hawaiian Vacation Rental Home Features a Natural Waterfall

One of our greatest joys is unearthing unbelievable hideaways and sharing them with you.

Such was the case when we spent a night at  The Falls at Reed’s Island, a vacation rental home in Hilo, on Hawaii, the Big Island.

This Hawaiian vacation rental home sleeps six, so we invited friends also staying on the Island to come spend a night with us.  While the guys were unloading the luggage from the trunks of our cars, we saw our three wives literally running out the door and screaming, “you’re not going to believe this”, they cried, “drop the luggage and come look!”

Clearly sensing the urgency in their voices, we did as we were told, and went into the house to witness the most remarkable sight we’ve ever seen from a private home.  This vacation rental home has its own private, mammoth waterfall in the backyard!

This waterfall was photographed from the backyard of this Hawaiian Vacation Rental Home!

It’s no exaggeration when I say that we all ran around in complete unbelief for nearly 45 minutes.  Every single bedroom had the most remarkable view.  Every room in the house was privy to the sounds of the crashing waterfall, and we all felt as though we were actually witnessing a little piece of Eden.

Even though the house was in the city of Hilo, and only a mile from the ocean, the house was situated on the very tip of a private island with sheer tropical cliffs completely engulfing the property. To help give you a little perspective, that waterfall is over two-stories high!

The other remarkable thing, in our view, is this world-class property is very fairly priced.  We give The Falls at Reeds Island our very highest recommendation.

Disclosure:  our remarkable stay was provided by the very kind owners of The Falls at Reed’s Island.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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