Hey Baby Boomers, Any Ziplining in Your Travel Plans?

When I was in Boy Scouts, many moons ago, I can remember climbing 30-40 feet up a tree and zipping my way down a zipline to earn a merit badge.  In those day, we had no safety helmet, no safety straps, it was just my ability to hang on to a wooden crossbar and the thrill of zinging my way down through the canopy of trees to the earth’s floor.

Today, it seems, ziplining has become quite the rage in the travel industry and a great many destinations are scrambling to put together ziplines for their thrill seeking guests.

These photographs are taken from a company in New York’s Catskill Mountains called New York Zipline Adventure Tours, with other zipline properties in New Hampshire, Jamaica, and soon to be in Kentucky.

New York Zipline Adventures offers tours for everyone ages 7 to 77, at every thrill level, from mild to extremely wild. Each course contains multiple ziplines and challenge elements designed to create a different experience for each guest.

The Mid Mountain Tour and Adventure Tower are both great introductions to ziplining and rope courses for ziplining newcomers, as well as a good way for more daring riders to prepare for the Skyrider tour.

A true canopy tour, the Mid Mountain course takes guests through the forest on six ziplines, four suspension bridges and an exciting rappel and is perfect for families in need of a little mountain adventure.

Extending more than 3,000 feet and as high as 600 feet, the Skyrider contains more than 4.6 miles of dual ziplines and suspension bridges and is North America’s largest zipline tour.

I don’t know about you, but I think this sounds like a complete and total blast!

It also makes me wonder, will we be ziplining across the Grand Canyon anytime soon?  Probably not, but what an adventure that would be.

How about you?  Do you see any ziplining in your future?

7 Responses to “Hey Baby Boomers, Any Ziplining in Your Travel Plans?”
  1. Azridge says:

    My wife and I avoid all zip line operators throughout the world. Not that they are unsafe, but rather that it is somewhat lame. It is not very adventurous nor challenging. It’s more like a simple ride at Disneyland. For couch potatoes or out of shape couples, it may be the highlight of their vacation. But for those that are still active in their boomer years, there are many more adventures that are far more rewarding and physically pleasing.

    • DougO says:

      Wait, hanging from a cable 600′ above the ground isn’t adventurous??…it may not be challenging per se, but to say it’s lame?…really, I used to jump out of ariplanes for a living & I would still not consider that lame. If you can’t find fun & adventure doing an activity like that, there’s something wrong…and it’s probably not the activity that is lame. C’mon, what do you do for fun, wrestle crocodiles?

      • billy jole says:

        Yo dug you are comparing candy with veggies. YES!!!! Zip lining is lame, my 60 year old mom thought zipping was lame. Thrill seeking? I would say its riskier eating at fast food place then zipping. Grin

  2. Dave Wright says:

    I’d love to try it but I think once I got to the edge, someone would have to push me! (and then listen to my incessant screaming all the way down)

  3. Inhispeace1 says:

    My husband still raves about the zip lines at the Young Life camp in Williams, AZ! And he’s a big guy who loves excitment!

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  5. If you like this, you will like finding other cool fun things Boomers and Twifties are doing, on http://www.Twifties.TV! Gathering of the Vibes 2011 Best 2 minutes is posted now!

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