Fiat 500 Wine Tasting Tour in Florence, Italy

Fiat 500 Tour FlorenceFor baby boomer travelers, what could possibly be more fun than touring the Tuscan countryside of Florence, Italy in a classic 1960s Fiat 500?

As we were planning our two-week journey to Italy, the 500 Touring Club of Firenze (Florence) wrote and asked if we might like to experience their wine tasting tour.  It took us about a milli-second to say YES!

The Fiat 500, similar to the American “Love Bug”, is an instantly recognizable symbol of Italian style and the 1950s/60s European social liberation.


The 500 Touring Club has six classic Fiats that are original in every detail, and playfully named Ezio, Giacomo, Paola, Olivia, Roberto, and Topsy.

Giacomo, our Fiat for the tour, is considered the playboy of the group.  A 1977 Fiat 500 L , he was unveiled with perfect timing alongside the introduction of mini-skirts and discotheques into Italian society.

Giuseppe and Andrea, the so-called 500 Club ringleaders, offer their guests a classic driving tour, a picnic tour, a wine-tasting tour, a wine-making tour, a dinner tour, and if you ask nice, even customized specialty tours.

Note: if you can’t see the video, click here.

We absolutely loved our Fiat 500 Wine Tasting Tour and consider this one of the must-see events for baby boomer travelers planning a trip to Florence, Italy.

Link: 500 Touring Club

Disclosure: our wonderful experience was provided by the kind folks at 500 Touring Club.  Thanks!

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2 Responses to “Fiat 500 Wine Tasting Tour in Florence, Italy”
  1. Buzz Vieau says:

    What a fun ride that would be and I bet t he driver has the best attitude. My fiance and I are going to Italy next year. I will be checking it out. It is always better to have a driver when you are in a place that you do not know where and how to navigate the roads. Same in the Napa Valley.

    The best to all


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  1. […] Note: if you can’t see the video, click here. […]

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