Lincoln Bedroom at the White House

Lincoln Bedroom at the White House

I learned many years ago that full disclosure,  a clear understanding of motives, and a clear set of expectations is critical to any relationship.  This enterprise is no different.

It is entirely possible that our travel/adventure site might be very successful, and have many millions of readers.  If that were to happen, then hotels, airlines, restaurants, and resorts from all over the world would beg us to visit their properties. 

It could happen? Right?

Well, if that were to happen, then the line might be blurred as to who we are representing.  Are we simply representing our happy go-lucky roaming selves, OR, has our opinion been swayed by some financial benefit given to us by those desiring us to press our influence upon you.

See the problem?

Furthermore, if we were to accept such a benefit, and not disclose that to you, then we would betray your trust.  Without your trust, we might as well pack this whole puppy up right now, and stay home.

Therefore, if the President of the United States calls to invite us to stay, free of charge in the Lincoln Bedroom, or, if we receive any financial gain whatsoever, from anyone, we will most certainly disclose that to you.

Having said that, please know that we can’t be bought.  If we have a wonderful experience, we will tell  you, and likewise, if we have a horrible experience we will also tell you of that.

If we receive any financial gain, which is certainly one of the motives of this enterprise, then we will disclose that to you in each, and every post where that is that case.


OK.  Now, I really must go sit by the  phone.  Certainly the White House will be calling any minute to offer up the Lincoln Bedroom.

Hmm. If that happens, it is going to cost me a fortune to buy my wife a new dress.  ACK!