Panasonic Lumix Underwater Camera Died in 1 Foot of Water

A while back, I wrote a post sharing of my excitement as a new owner of a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS1 water-proof camera.

Why, I even took some fun, underwater vacation photographs/videos with the thing.

Here’s the rub (you can all start whining now), only a week after I took this fun picture of Carol snorkeling in Hawaii, our Panasonic Lumix died a sudden and disappointing death while only in a foot of water on another snorkeling expedition.

When you put the camera in “underwater” mode, the camera flashes a warning to make certain that there are no hair/dust particles that would prevent a good seal against intruding water.

Being the ultra careful person I am, I heeded the warnings and looked very, very closely.  Although, I must confess, I’m not too certain how good my baby boomer eyes might be at spotting a lone, rogue speck of dust.

Anywho, there I was, gleefully swimming with the fishes when the camera went completely dead.

I made the very short swim back to shore, only to find that a few drops of water had somehow made their way into the inner reaches of the camera. Wow!  Major bummer! I was swimming around hundreds of beautiful fish, and I wasn’t going to capture any of them on my nifty little camera.

Long story short, I have been trying to reach out to Panasonic to no avail.

Therefore, I give up and remove my cheerful glee as an owner of one of these cameras.

Me thinks that they need to better design the battery compartment.  This is clearly where the water droplets entered the camera.  In shopping for a new underwater camera, I have noticed that a number of competitors have double-doors on the battery compartment to prevent such a problem.

Anyway, shame on you Panasonic.  I know that problems come up.  But you have made it completely impossible to communicate with you, and I am giving up out of sheer exhaustion.

With an accessible communication channel, you had the opportunity to perhaps keep a customer happy.  But now you have this travel photography article that will live on for eternity speaking against your product.

That’s a sad thing.  It really is.

20 Responses to “Panasonic Lumix Underwater Camera Died in 1 Foot of Water”
  1. Mihajlo Stojkovic says:

    Same happened to me today?! What to do?

    • Mihajlo,

      I tried for a few months to get Panasonic to respond … to no avail. I
      gave up and am currently using an Olympus “tough” model for my underwater
      photography. I’ll write an article after I use it a bit more. The jury is
      still out.

  2. Left my camera for couple of days, tried to switch it on and it works perfectly now, like nothing ever happened! Smile

  3. Left my camera for couple of days, tried to switch it on and it works perfectly now, like nothing ever happened! Smile

  4. Left my camera for couple of days, tried to switch it on and it works perfectly now, like nothing ever happened! Smile

  5. Hannah says:

    The same has happened to me a couple of days ago after being too scared to used it underwater for 3 years.  I finally decided to try it out in the pool, got some great shots, but as I opened the seal, I noticed some condensation, and then after charging the battery, it wont turn on.  Hopefully it will dry out and I can use it again…will never again take underwater shots again though,  I learnt my lesson.

  6. Dplfox says:

    Ya the same thing just happened to me. I live in the a caribbean And used it a ton but the other day I was snorkeling and, not deep and got back home and noticed water in the battery compartment, this is bs I was between the olympus, cannon, and Panisonic, I only bought the Panisonic because all of st Martin was sold out of the cannon this was my first camera that was not a cannon and I’m pissed. I am loyal to brands and will never buy a Panisonic product again unless they make it right they could have made me a loyal customer for ever

  7. Kerry says:

    I have been searching for a new camera and happened to see this webpage. Funny the reason I am looking for a new camera as my panasonic also stopped working on our trip to Cuba, hardly used it, played in the water a few days took some random shots and the screen went fuzzy and died. It still had a warranty send it back they sent me a new one. I used it once or twice and it also totally stopped working after being in the water. I checked all compartments, used the little brush to make sure all clean and sealed…..still leaked into battery compartment. I see the new panansonics have a double door now to seal it. Nice for the new ones what about us the ones with the crappy made models…..

    I paid alot for this camera, checked out the ratings prior to buying it and thought it was the best pick….I was so wrong. I think there should be a recall of this camera and a full refund….

    • Jill says:

      Three years later, I have the same problem! I wish I would have read your comments before I purchased it! I guess I should consider myself lucky that it lasted 3 years. How sad for a shockproof, waterproof camera!

  8. Reed says:

    So yesterday i went snorkeling in a very shallow beach to swim with fishes and i figured this would be a great time to try out my underwater feature for my i made sure to follow the directions to protect the openings from water.i ended up taking video of a few fishes for a good few minutes then i stopped.add soon as i tried again, after about onthe minute then camera completely died.i noticed the lense had condensation and the battery had a little water around it as well. I completely dried out the camera for hours. I just hope it comes back on. I am glad i found this forum about my same camera because i can’t use my camera for the rest of my vacation

  9. Paige says:

    I bought mine 2 days ago, used it in the pool today for the first time, now it won’t work!
    I was trying to decide between Panasonic & Olympus! Should have gone with Olympus…NOT HAPPY! -.-’

  10. toni says:

    not happy either, im on exchange in argentina and i took mine out to the beach, an when we came home
    i had found little water droplets in the battery case, and i really need my camera to work, what should i do ? should i take it to a store in argentina to see if they can fix it ???

    • Gabriel says:

      I used the camera for the first time in Key West, snorkeling> I was very careful, but condensation formed the next day, and now it dosent work> Im drying to dry it out in a bag with some silica gel.

  11. Alex says:

    my camera went dead today Cry I’m trying to figure out what to do because we are going canoeing TOMORROW!!! Pain

  12. Catherine Davis says:

    Have managed some amazing underwater photos on holiday in Mauritius. Now 3 days before end of holiday with lots more snorkelling planned it has stopped working. Was super careful and followed all instructions to a T.
    Gutted! Cry

    • David Porter says:


      We’re so sorry to hear of your problem. We understand the disappointment.

      • Catherine Davis says:

        Thanks David!
        Such a same as I actually remember crying with excitement when my husband gave me the camera for Christmas to use here on holiday!
        Camera obviously still in warranty and bought in UK from John Lews so I am sure they will replace (they are amazing like tt) …. However what is recommended alternative on a similar budget?
        Interested to read posts that new versions have two battery overs… Is that not a silent admission that the version I have was not up to te job?
        Really disappointed as I know my husband read loads if raving reviews before deciding what to buy!

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