Flying Pasties – Protect Your Privates From TSA Airport Scanners

This made me chuckle. Not too long ago, I wrote an article about Getting Your Private Parts X-Rayed at the Airport. Well, it seems that someone didn’t like getting their private parts x-rayed, so they came up with “Flying Pasties are NOT your typical ‘Pasty’ or ‘sticker’, they are 2mm thick 100% rubber and […]

Charles Shultz’s Peanuts Gang to Turn 60 in August

I greatly enjoyed Charlie Brown and the gang when I was growing up. In August of this year, Charley Brown, Snoopy, and the rest of the gang will be turning 60 years old. I hope they all take a nice cruise somewhere.

Phoenix Hotel Accommodations Rank #1 in Value for Money

Phoenix, Arizona’s hotel accommodations  have clinched the #1 spot for’s current value for money rating. Phoenix is the new chart leader in the USA. Hotels in Phoenix received the highest customer ratings. Most hotel operators were unable to keep the level of quality offered constant compared with the price demanded, which resulted in many […]

Pet Friendly Vacations, Hotels, and Restaurants

When we were staying at The Grand Del Mar Resort in San Diego, we noticed that there were a fair number of pets enjoying the ammenties of this AAA Five-Diamond Resort right alongside their owners. Now, we are not pet owners as we travel too much, and it just doesn’t seem fair to be away […]

The Roaming Boomers Visitors Map

The Roaming Boomers on-line travel magazine is visited by people in all 50 of our states. I was doing a little study of our website visitors today, and I noticed that we have been visited by folks in every state of our union.  The visitor map above helps me to understand our penetration in various […]

Yellowstone Sets Visitation Record For June

Very early in the year, I was talking to a senior park ranger in Yosemite National Park regarding a potential Roaming Boomers visit. His polite, but very quick answer was, “Dave, even if you were the New York Times Travel Editor, we are so busy,  we simply couldn’t accommodate you.” He went on to say […]

Travel Channel’s Adam Richman (Man v. Food) in Phoenix for Ultimate Slider Challenge

Adam Richman, the Travel Channel’s star of Man v. Food recently filmed a “with a side of city” video in Scottsdale. If your interested, Adam will be in Phoenix stuffing his face at the Ultimate Slider Challenge at Chompie’s on July 14th, 2010. [HT to Scottsdale CVB]

Exploring America’s Scenic Byways and Drives

I took this photograph a few years ago while driving on Arizona’s Desert to Tall Pines Scenic Byway. As I have mentioned many times, and will likely say again many more times, “The Roaming Boomers love to do road trips”.  In fact, I am suffering from scenic byway withdrawal, and feel one coming on real […]

UK: Don’t Pack the Speedos on Your Summer Holidays

If you have ever been to a European beach, then you a certainly aware of the European male’s affinity for a Speedo style swimsuit. While this swimwear seems unconscionable to the American psyche, this fashion peculiarity seems to be firmly entrenched across the pond. It has evidently gotten so bad in the UK that a […]

The World’s Most Spectacular Roads

We love road trips here at The Roaming Boomers! As such, I thought we would share with you two articles that we found over at the Matador Network: The World’s Most Spectacular Roads The World’s Most Spectacular Roads , Vol #2 I like the second set the best.  Enjoy the links!