SkyRider Saddle-Style Airplane Seat ~ World’s Worst Idea?

Mooooo!  Round-em up!  Yippee-Kayay! The world is often repulsed at the tight quarters given to calves who will one day be served up as veal in a fancy restaurant.  Just looking at the cramped tight quarters purposed in the new SkyRider aircraft seat gives me anxiety, claustrophobia, a major case of the heebie-jeebies. and makes […]

Travel Nostalgia ~ The 1910 Stoddard-Dayton Camping Car

Photograph from Library of Congress (1910) This is the 1910 Stoddard-David Camping Car.  Its owner, Senator T. Colman du Pont bought it to live in as he was promoting a highway running due north and south through his home state of Delaware.  As you can see, today’s side flip-out motor homes have nothing over this […]

Foreign Travelers to US Must Now Pay $14 Tourism Promotion Fee

Back in February, I wrote an article about the newly created Corporation for Travel Promotion which was promulgated by the Travel Promotion Act. From the US Travel Association: “The Travel Promotion Act creates the Corporation for Travel Promotion, modeled after successful programs in U.S. states and other developed nations, with the mission of attracting more […]

Travelers: 10 Tips to Protect Yourself Against Bedbugs

Nighty night.  Sleep tight.  And don’t let the bedbugs bite! This was an oft heard phrase from my childhood.  However, in my 53 years, I don’t think I have ever actually seen a bedbug.  Nor, to my knowledge, have I ever been bitten by one. They are actually quite ugly bugs.  Don’t you think? I […]

What Do You Think of the New Wisconsin Law That Bans Smoking in all Hotel Guest Rooms?

USA Today’s Barbara De Lollis is reporting that Wisconsin in July passed a statewide smoking ban that bans smoking in every hotel guest room. From USA Today: “In most states that have banned smoking in public places, such as Kansas, the legislation allows hoteliers to exempt a certain percentage of guest rooms. But in Wisconsin, […]

Photograph: Hurricane Earl From the International Space Station

This photograph possesses three things important to any traveler:  travel (albeit space travel), weather (Hurricane Earl), and very cool lodging (International Space Station). Photographed by an Expedition 24 crew member on the International Space Station, this is an oblique view that shows the eye (just left of center) of Hurricane Earl. A Russian Soyuz vehicle […]

Huge News for The Roaming Boomers!

We were recently asked to participate in a national “Battle of the Travel Bloggers” by the fine folks over at the Kiwi Collection. This not only gives us our first national exposure, but also rewards us with a nice travel prize if we can deliver the most traffic to our article within a 24 hour […]

Do not Forget the 3-1-1 Liquid Rule for Carry-Ons When Flying

On our recent 25th wedding anniversary tour of the Caribbean’s most romantic resorts, we overheard a distraught lady bemoaning the fact that the airport security agents had taken most of her toiletries. She had mistakenly thought that the 3-1-1 protocol for transporting carry-on liquids was discontinued. As a reminder, here’s the deal: 3 ounce or […]

Scottsdale Labor Day Weekend Resort Packages

The Scottsdale Convention and Visitors Bureau has a long list of special Labor Day packages from many fine resorts in Scottsdale, Arizona. I have reprinted them below for your convenience: Xona Resort Suites Half as Hot Every Thursday XONA takes the forecasted high temperature for the day, cuts it in half, and that’s the room […]

Help us Design our Resort Rating System

The Roaming Boomers have visited a fair number of incredible resorts since we launched our enterprise back in February of 2010. We have devised our own system of culling out which resorts we will visit, and many of them are the best of the best.  However, we do find distinct differences in these resorts that […]