How Travelers Can Prevent Ever Losing Their Smartphone

I lost my Motorola Droid today. As the reality of that set in, a number of things went through my mind: How vulnerable am I now to privacy issues? Can a malicious person now complicate my life? I wonder how much a new phone costs? How will I ever get all my downloaded applications on […]

How to Travel With Friends and Not Kill Each Other

Definition of Hell on Earth:  (‘hel ‘on ‘erth)  – being trapped on a two week travel adventure with friends who are demanding, self-centered, irritable, whining, and who are all-around so miserable that you consider jumping off a cliff rather than spend another day in their company. Have you ever been in this very uncomfortable spot? […]

Ray Villafane: America’s Favorite Pumpkin Carver

Ray Villafane is the two-time winner of the Food Network’s Outrageous Pumpkins Challenge Show and is considered by many America’s favorite pumpkin carver. I thought you might enjoy sharing his many pumpkin carvings with your friends. Just hit one of the social media buttons below to share this with a friend. Here’s the link. Enjoy!

The Roaming Boomers Live on Blog Talk Radio

Here is our first live radio interview taken from the floor of the BlogWorld New Media Expo 2010. Roaming Boomers Blog Talk Radio Interview

The Roaming Boomers Live on NBC in Las Vegas

Here is our very first live television interview.  We were in Las Vegas for the BlogWorld and New Media Expo 2010 social media conference and the local NBC news affiliate had interest in our baby boomer reinvention story.

Video: Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Completes Space Rocket’s First Solo Flight

I wonder how long it will be before commercial travel is available to space?

The Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman Aqua Day Bed

I was doing my typical morning scan through e-mails and such this morning when this Ritz-Carlton photograph caught my attention. Nice, I thought to myself, I can absolutely see a day floating in the Caribbean with my bride of 25 years on one of these babies. From Ritz-Carlton: “Spend the day on the Aqua Day […]

The Yo-Semite; Its History, Its Scenery, Its Development

I get a big kick out of travel nostalgia. In celebration of the Internet Archive’s 1,000,000th book scan, I thought I would share with you one of their recent travel scans. Please find below a digitized copy of The Yo-Seemite; its history, its scenery, its development, first published in 1873, by John Erastus Lester. The […]

Incredible Travel Deals on 10.10.10

The Internet is ablaze with travel deals for October 10th, 2010, otherwise known as 10.10.10. I just received this Tweet from @StKittsMarriott: “On 10.10.10 the 1st 10 followers to tweet us #SKM10 *when we announce* will be able to book 10 nights at $10/ea!” Further, just this week Peter Greenberg was on the CBS Early […]

Photo Journal ~ AARP@50+ National Event in Orlando, Florida

AARP@50+ National Event, Orlando, Florida – Your Roaming Boomers are just home from Orlando, Florida after attending AARP’s Orlando@50+ National Event. We decided to attend this conference for primarily three reasons: It sounded like fun.  I saw humorous postings around inquiring as to whether this was the second reunion of Woodstock.  Breathing deeply, we found […]