Exclusive Twitter Deals from @USAirways and US Airways Vacations

TEMPE, Ariz., Jan 10, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Beginning today, US Airways’ (NYSE:LCC) customers who have wanted to take a luxury vacation but were worried about the price tag will have the chance to experience the VIP lifestyle during a Twitter promotion @USAirways. US Airways Vacations will be offering upscale travel packages, including luxurious extras […]

Twitter and Facebook: A Great Place to Find Travel Deals for 2011

Towards the end of last year, I wrote separate articles sharing how Twitter and Facebook were excellent places to find up-to-the-minute travel deals. Now that we are ten days into the new year, I thought I might do a little digging around to see what we might find from the “Twavelverse” in the way of […]

The Roaming Boomers in the Mainstream Media

This week was a pretty exciting week for The Roaming Boomers®.  It was just last week when we found ourselves on the front page of The Arizona Business Gazette, and this week we were honored to be featured on the front page of the Arizona Republic’s Business Section. When we started our online travel magazine, […]

Pardon Our Dust While We Remodel

You may have noticed a little dust flying in the air on our website in the past few days.  We are doing a little remodeling as we are making room for our upcoming Roaming Boomers Rewards Club. We’ll tell you more about that later, but for now, please watch your step!

Residential Relocation’s Effect on Leisure Travel

There are a great many things that make up the health of the leisure travel market.  Perhaps the one with the most stealth is the movement our our nation’s residents from one state to another. For example, a fine dining establishment is a critical part of the travel and leisure industry.  Yet, a restaurant lives, […]

The Roaming Boomers Featured in The Arizona Republic Newspaper Today

Today is a big day in our journey to build one of the world’s foremost online travel magazines targeted specifically towards the baby boomer and luxury traveler. Last Thursday we were featured on the front page of the Arizona Business Gazette, and today we are featured on the front page of the business section in […]

Baby Boomers Cry Out: Mama, Don’t Take My Kodachrome Away

When I was in college, I bought my very first single lens reflex (SLR) camera.  I chose a Minolta model as it had a cool double-exposure button that would allow me to easily expose two photographs on top of one another.  I was forever going around taking photographs of trees with people’s faces superimposed. It […]

Yes, There Really is a Mr. Roaming Boomer

Occasionally, I’m asked, “Dave, why are you hardly ever in the pictures and/or videos?” There answer is real simple:  There’s only two of us when we travel and I’m the guy behind the cameras.  We tried the “quickly run around in front of the camera deal” and frankly it looked sort of dorky. Therefore, until […]

Hey Baby Boomers, Any Ziplining in Your Travel Plans?

When I was in Boy Scouts, many moons ago, I can remember climbing 30-40 feet up a tree and zipping my way down a zipline to earn a merit badge.  In those day, we had no safety helmet, no safety straps, it was just my ability to hang on to a wooden crossbar and the […]

Use Facebook Pages for Up-to-the-Minute Airline Travel Deals

With a current audience of 500 million people in Facebook, the airlines have been very busy building relationships/fans and adapting this new social medium into their marketing strategies. If airlines are feeling a slight dip in their bookings, all they need to is put out a special deal on their Facebook page and multiple thousands […]