Schwarzbrot in a Parisian Bread Shop

Schwarzbrot in a Parisian Bread Shop

Like Scylla and Charybdis calling the sailors of old, the aromas coming from this small Parisian bread shop had us soon munching on a piece of piping-hot bread.

Adrian Sommeling: Photographic Entertainer

City Hopping by Adrian Sommeling

I stumbled upon this entertaining photograph, and thought I would share it with you. In our article, there are links to many more of Adrian’s photos. Read on…

Travel Photo: U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C.

Capitol Washington DC

I captured this photograph in Feb, 2008. It’s one of my favorites. Read on, for the rest of the story….

Martha K: Newsworthy Old Fishing Boat in Sitka, Alaska

Martha K Fishing Boat Sitka Alaska

I photographed this old fishing boat in Sitka, Alaska and she shows up in a magazine article from 1955. Read on…

Bora Bora: Most Beautiful Waters We’ve Ever Encountered

Four Seasons Bora Bora Waters

To our eyes, Bora Bora has the most beautiful beaches we’ve yet to encounter. Read on…

Bora Bora Ocean Canoe Paddler

Bora Bora Surfski Paddler

While being tendered to our cruise ship, a swarm of Bora Bora surfski paddlers swarmed us like bees. Read on…

iPad Travel Photo Shooters

iPad Photo Shooter

It was quite comical to watch stiff-armed iPad shooters walking around the ship requiring far more personal photography space than most. Read on…

Encountering an Alaskan Bull Moose

Alaskan Moose

The story of our very first Alaskan Bull Moose encounter. Read on…

Springtime Cactus Bloom in Scottsdale, Arizona

Cactus Bloom Scottsdale Roaming Boomers

Springtime in the Sonoran Desert presents us with one of creation’s greatest dichotomies: ugly plants producing incredibly beautiful flowers. Read on…

What Makes a Sunset Orange or Red?

Sunset silhouettes on the beach at Coronado Island, San Diego

Impress your grandchildren with the scientific reasons for a sunset’s red or orange colors. Read on…