Springtime Cactus Bloom in Scottsdale, Arizona

Cactus Bloom Scottsdale Roaming Boomers

Springtime in the Sonoran Desert presents us with one of creation’s greatest dichotomies: ugly plants producing incredibly beautiful flowers. Read on…

What Makes a Sunset Orange or Red?

Sunset silhouettes on the beach at Coronado Island, San Diego

Impress your grandchildren with the scientific reasons for a sunset’s red or orange colors. Read on…

Sunset at the Terranea Resort on the SoCal Coast

Sunset Terranea Resort

This sunset stopped absolutely everyone in their tracks and put them in a trance for nearly 45 minutes. Read on…

Hiking Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve in La Jolla, CA

Hiking in the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

2,000 acres and 12 miles of hiking trails on majestic bluffs and even a trail winding down to secluded ocean beaches. Read on…

Happy Halloween: A Spooky Cathedral in Santa Fe

Camera 360 App

A little spooky something I whipped up from our recent visit to Santa Fe. To learn how I created this, read on….

Travel Photo: Fall in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Sun reflecting through the cottonwood trees in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Autumn cottonwoods glow in the warm afternoon sun in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Read on…

Somberly Photographing the 9/11 Memorial in New York City

Somberly Photographing the 9/11 Memorial in New York City

While photographing this site, I found myself fighting to keep from convulsing into outright cries of gut-wrenching agony. Read on…

We’re Winners in the Virtuoso Travel Advisor Photo Contest

Dancing schoolgirls from Taha'a ~ French Polynesia

I now have a prize winning photograph. Whata’ya know ’bout that! Come read the story of this beautiful little Tahitian dancer.

A Good Travel Photo is Worth a Thousand Words

African Lions with Cub

What thoughts come to mind when you study this photograph? Come share them in our comments section. Read on…

Bucket List: Germany’s Hohenzollern Castle

Hohenzollern Castle - Stuttgart, Germany.

This castle sits about 30 miles south of Stuttgart, Germany. It was the ancestral seat of German monarchs until the fall of the dynasty in 1912. Read on…