2011: A Year of Travel Wonder

Roaming Boomers 2011 Travel

We took you to destinations certain to be on the bucket lists of baby boomers around the world. Come, see, go!

When Visiting Seattle, Take a Ferry to Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Island Seattle 1094

Bainbridge Island, Washington – When visiting Seattle, we highly recommend that you hop aboard one of the hourly departing Washington Ferries and make your way over to Bainbridge Island. The trip is a very short 28 minutes and will reward you with wonderful views of Puget Sound, the Seattle skyline, and idyllic Bainbridge Island. Once […]

Travel Photo: Bainbridge Island, Washington

Bainbridge Travel Photo Island Washington Flowers

We found these flowers on Bainbridge Island, Washington.  However, as you can see, I added a little creative interpretation. If you like this, please share it with a friend using the social media buttons right below. 

Dining at MistralKitchen in Seattle, Washington

Carol w- Chef-Owner William Belickis of Seattle's MistralKitchen

Mistral Kitchen ~ Seattle, Washington – MistralKitchen was the last of four exquisite eateries we visited during our wide-eyed visit to Seattle. Chef/Owner William Belickis, born and raised in New York City, cut his culinary teeth under the tutelage of world-renown, haute cuisine chef David Bouley in Manhattan. While working at a benefit dinner at […]

A Stroll Through Seattle’s Pike Place Market

Seattle Pike Place Market – Over a century ago, Seattle’s Pike Place Market began with only eight farmers bringing their wagons filled with crops. Today, this market is world-famous, attracts more than 10-million visitors a year, and has become internationally recognized as America’s premier farmers’ market. We put together a short video for you that […]

Playing in Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park


Seattle Olympic Sculpture Park – There is something significantly primal in this sculpture.  Feel it?  The young boy, surrounded by danger, feeling fear, is reaching out to the strong, safe arms of his father. If you allow yourself a moment to become this young boy, there is no getting away from this deep, instinctual longing. […]

Nikon D7000 Camera Walk Through Seattle’s Volunteer Park

Volunteer Park Seattle 856

Nikon D7000 DSLR – While on our cruise through Alaska’s Inside Passage, and our four-night stay in Seattle, we were privileged to be previewing a Nikon D7000 DSLR on loan from Nikon USA. During my two-week affair with this camera, I really grew to love it.  As I was contemplating how best to tell you […]

Ivar’s Pier 54 Fish Bar in Seattle’s Waterfront

Ivar's Fish Bar 815

I suppose more than a few baby boomer travelers are loathe to battle the crowds found in popular tourist attractions.  On the other hand, such spots are popular because of their attraction and interest to the tourist.  Right? Well, Ivar’s Pier 54 Fish Bar, in Seattle’s iconic waterfront area, is just such a place.  Since […]

Seattle Public Library Among America’s Top 150 Favorite Buildings

Seattle Public Library

Seattle, Washington – When making a visit to Seattle, baby boomer travelers should consider a visit to the Seattle Public Library. In 1998, Seattle voters, with an unprecedented 69 percent approval rate, approved the largest library bond issue then ever submitted in the United States. With these dollars, The Seattle Public Library Foundation nearly doubled […]

Buckets: Seattle Florist Extraordinaire

Buckets Seattle Florist 770

Seattle, Washington – While visiting Seattle, our friend Tim Crowley mentioned that florists were a very important part of the psychological makeup of Seattle’s residents.  He explained that Seattle’s notoriously cloudy skies can really dampen the spirits.  However, the purchase of a brightly colored bouquet of flowers can really brighten one’s day. From our hotel […]