Somberly Photographing the 9/11 Memorial in New York City

Somberly Photographing the 9/11 Memorial in New York City

While photographing this site, I found myself fighting to keep from convulsing into outright cries of gut-wrenching agony. Read on…

Washington Crossing the Delaware – Metropolitan Museum of Art

Washington Crossing the Delaware - Leutze

The story of this famous painting including a 12-minute podcast from NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Read on…

#FriFotos – Symbols: The Statue Of Liberty

Statue of Liberty_588

Do you have a favorite photograph that captures a well-known symbol? Come share and tell…

Would You Call This Painting Art?

Vir Heroicus Sublimis, Barnett Newman

My attempt to understand Barnett Newman’s painting in the New York City Museum of Modern Art. Would you call this art? Read on…

Where to Eat in New York City

New York City Dining Guide

A collection of reasonably priced New York City restaurants that fly just under the radar of the celebrity chef craze. Read on…

Sunday Brunch at Waldorf Astoria New York City

Sunday Brunch Waldorf Astoria NYC

An epic Sunday brunch experience. Read on…

Luxury Boutique Hotels in Manhattan, New York City

Hotel Elysee New York City

We sampled five luxury boutique hotels in Manhattan. Come see which was our favorite, and go try one out for yourself!

The Ritz-Carlton and the Value of Luxury Travel

The Ritz-Carlton Battery Park

We share a remarkable experience from a brand that understands that experience is the paramount deliverable. Make me say “wow” and I’ll remember it forever!

Manhattan’s Trinity Church

Manhattan Trinity Wall Street Church

We photograph the inside of Trinity Wall Street, and I resist the sudden urge to belt out a little of Handel’s Air for Bass: The Trumpet Shall Sound. Read on…

Ellis Island Steamer Trunks

Ellis Island Steamer Trunks

We contemplated the brave souls who packed all of their worldly possessions in one of these trunks to find a new life in America. Read on…