The Inn at 410 in Flagstaff, Arizona

Monet's Garden Room Inn at 410 Flagstaff Arizona

In our opinion, this is the only place to stay when visiting Flagstaff, Arizona. Read on…

Dining at Criollo Latin Kitchen in Flagstaff, Arizona

Criollo Flagstaff

Loads of photographs from our dining experience. If you’re in Flagstaff, we recommend a visit. Read on…

Chasing Arizona’s Illusive Chocolate Falls

Arizona Chocolate Falls

Higher than Niagara Falls, Arizona’s Chocolate Falls displays incredible beauty during its run during the spring snow melt. Read on…

Visiting Arizona’s Meteor Crater

Meteor Crater Arizona

Nearly a mile wide, and 500 feet deep, this remarkable meteor crater is a fascinating destination when visiting northern Arizona. Read on…

Flagstaff’s Sled Dog Races, Lost in Northern Arizona, and a Bedeviled GPS

You know you have gone to far when your wife, who comes from a long line of Roman Catholics, is looking for some holy water, a cross, or perhaps even a silver dagger to slay your momentary burst of frustration.

A Night at Flagstaff, Arizona’s Inn at 410

The Inn at 410, in Flagstaff, Arizona, is a most wonderful place to lie your head after a busy day of sightseeing in northern Arizona. This 1894 6,000 square foot mansion, built in the craftsman style, is sure to have every appointment that a discriminating traveler might expect.

Breakfast at Flagstaff’s La Bellavia Restaurant

As we walked through the blanket draped over the doorway to keep the draft out, we found ourselves gazing upon a delightful diner with artwork from local artists on the walls, a mild smell that lets you know that you are in a building likely over 100 years old mixed with wondrous breakfast smells from the kitchen, and the beaming smile of Jennifer (pictured with Carol) our waitress.

A Winter’s Drive to Flagstaff, Arizona

Today we made our journey up the mountain to Flagstaff. When we left Scottsdale, at 9:00 a.m., it was 60º, and when we made it to Flagstaff, two hours later, it was 31º. As we made our climb we saw patches of snow at 5,000 feet, deep snow at 6,000 feet, and gobs of snow in Flagstaff at 7,000 feet.

Itinerary: Flagstaff’s 24th Annual Winterfest

This weekend we have planned the maiden journey for The Roaming Boomers travel and adventure website. When we noticed that Flagstaff was having its 24th Annual Winterfest, we thought this might be a fun little excursion to try out our travel planning systems.