A Mysterious Watcher in Arizona’s Superstition Mountains

Mysterious Watcher Superstition Mountains

Might this be an ancient artifact guarding the Lost Dutchman Mine?

Visiting the Arizona Renaissance Festival

Arizona Renaissance Festival – We have never been to a Renaissance Festival, and therefore had no idea what to expect.  Several of our friends inquired as to whether we were going to dress up for the event.  That comment made we wonder what I might be getting myself into.  Nonetheless, the photographer in me saw […]

Breakfast at Tortilla Flats

When you walk into Tortilla Flats, you will immediately notice the walls papered with $1 bills, and you can belly up to the bar on real leather saddles while you enjoy your cackleberries (hen’s eggs) for breakfast, or perhaps a monstrous Bull Rider burger for lunch.

Driving Arizona’s Scenic Apache Trail

To help you enjoy your drive on the Apache Trail, I have prepared for you a custom Google Map, complete with turn by turn instructions, and helpful tips. Depending on how often you stop to gawk at the scenery, you should plan on 7-10 hours to complete this trip.