The Great Alaskan Diamond Store Invasion


Caribbean jewelry stores have invaded the charming, historic town of Alaska’s Inside Passage. Is that good, or bad? Come share your views…

Photographs: Silversea Cruises Silver Shadow Veranda Suite

Carol Silversea Cruises Veranda Suite

We share 7 photographs from inside our Veranda Suite aboard the Silversea Cruises Silver Shadow. Read on…

What to do in Ketchikan While on Your Alaskan Cruise

Ketchikan Totem Pole

Ketchikan, Alaska – The third shore excursion, on our Alaskan cruise of the Inside Passage with the Norwegian Cruise Line (our cruise video), was in the town of Ketchikan. Baby boomers cruising Alaska have a lot of decisions to make regarding their shore excursions.  Fortunately for us, we were able to turn to the Ketchikan […]

Alaska’s Inside Passage Aboard the Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pearl

Alaska’s Inside Passage – It seems that every baby boomer we know has an Alaskan cruise on their bucket list.  With one of our missions as that of your personal travel scout, Carol and I figured that we had better check that one off of our own bucket list. Therefore, we just returned home from […]

Day #6 – Ketchikan, Alaska with the Norwegian Cruise Line


Ketchikan, Alaska ~ The Norwegian Cruise Line – Day six brought your roaming baby boomers to the salmon capitol of the world: Ketchikan, Alaska. The Norwegian Cruise Line Pearl had us in dock at 6:30.  We hopped off the ship around 8:30 and spent the short, four remaining hours at dock exploring this quaint, historic […]