The Boynton Pass Loop Scenic Drive in Sedona, Arizona

Boynton Pass Loop Scenic Drive ~ Sedona, Arizona – This scenic drive is a loop that will take you past spectacular views of Boynton Canyon and Dry Creek just northwest of the town of Sedona, Arizona.

The road is mostly paved, but towards the middle section of the loop you will leave pavement for a dirt road that can be bumpy in places.

Assuming you are not reading this during the middle of a summer monsoon, a regular passenger vehicle should be able to easily traverse this loop.

This loop is likely to be easily accomplished in only a few hours.

If you want to extend the enjoyment, check this map for a list of highlighted hiking trails that you could also visit.  Furthermore, a simple picnic basket and a bottle of wine might be nice in a quiet tucked-away nook or cranny.

2 Responses to “The Boynton Pass Loop Scenic Drive in Sedona, Arizona”
  1. Dave Wright says:

    Take this drive at night and pull over somewhere away from town and turn off your lights and get out and look up. If you’re from the city you’ll wonder where all those stars came from! Within a few minutes you’ll see at least one shooting star. And if you can catch moon rise? Foget about it!

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