Baby Boomers, Smartphones, Travel Apps, and Your Privacy

I’m about to launch into a prolonged series on some of the exciting travel apps that are becoming available for our smartphones.

However, before we lay awake at night dreaming of all the cool things we can do on our Droids, iPhones, and Blackberrys, we should take a moment to contemplate some of the privacy concerns that are surfacing in the technology world.

You see, that free application isn’t really free.

Chances are very high that in exchange for playing a game slinging Angry Birds, or taking advantage of a Groupon deal, they are in-fact selling information taken from your smartphone to data-mining companies.

Now, the simple fact of the matter is, you can’t do a darn thing about it.  Your choice is to accept the intrusion into your privacy, or not to download the app.

I suspect that we will see lawmakers get involved in this situation, but for now, it’s down-loader beware!

Here’s a recent video from the folks at The Wall Street Journal on this very subject.

One Response to “Baby Boomers, Smartphones, Travel Apps, and Your Privacy”
  1. This is the new world we live in. If you’re going to play, you’re going to pay in one way or another. Getting lost in the masses may be our best form of security though.

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